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be at the forefront of the on-going industrial digital transformation is a unique AI-based expert system designed for use in the process industry. Built on the latest cutting-edge technology, it is a powerful tool that can greatly improve plant performance, optimize energy consumption and reduce its carbon footprint.

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AI-based expert system is a data-driven expert system that uses the concept of machine learning to model complex industrial processes, set actions and control their behaviour in real time.
It is an advanced tool that enables users to easily create and share innovative new ways of optimizing processes in cement, lime or any other type of process industry. links data and machines, but more than anything, it connects and enhances the knowledge and experience of many active, innovative and creative users.

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fuel use
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What are main features?


Built for users, stripped
of all complexities. No special knowledge in the area of artificial intelligence required.


The most recent scientific innovations from the field of AI embedded in custom developed algorithms


Ability to control one or more industrial processes - in one or more manufacturing facilities - all from a single software platform software platform.


Industrial experience and
know-how incorporated
in the software design

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Modular structure platform integrates various advanced control modules design for specific processes. The number and type of control modules deployed on the platform are unlimited and are specified by the number of processes which are controlled by

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